Pepper Shot Pepper Spray 1/2 oz. w/Quick Key Release keychain
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On SALE for only $7.00
PS-2 Free with any purchase of $40 or more!!!
Hot Walkers
Only $25.00
On SALE for only $19.95
Walking Weights with Pepper Spray. Fitness, Self Defense, Storage.
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Welcome to Brave Protection.Com--Supplier of stun guns, stun batons, pepper spray, mace, tasers and other self-defense tools.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide you with effective self-defense, rape and crime prevention and personal safety tools. We offer affordable prices on a full line of Stun Master brand stun guns and accessories for both security professionals and people concerned about personal protection. Check out our stun guns, stun batons, tasers, pepper spray, mace, personal alarms, instructional self-defense videos and so much more. Choose from these non-lethal safety solutions.

These products are primarily non-lethal and are effective in deterring, fighting and assisting in rape and crime prevention. More information here

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For Limited Time--Pepper Shot PS-2 Included with Purchase of $40 or more!!

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